Letting Go

A leaf.

Leaf by mxruben

Leo Babauta’s guide to creating a minimalist home is significant for many reasons but mostly because it is so simple to implement.

It is pathetic how much clutter winds up on my desk, my coffee table, and on my floor. Every time I clean a spot and turn it vacant, it gets cluttered a day or two later.

I need to stop procrastinating and increase my white space.

Erin Lanahan explains this in her expose on leaving home:

If you are loaded up with physical, emotional, and mental “stuff,” there is no room for something new and better. Practice letting go of one thing today—maybe it’s an old idea, an old story, a piece of clothing, or an unhealthy relationship. Allow yourself to process all the feelings and fears that come up as a result.

Remember, when you hold on tightly, you declare that you are incapable of manifesting something equal or better.

I need to let go.

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