Friday Link Pack

Physicist David Neevel built an OREO separator machine. I kid you not.

This blog made me laugh: Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude. (via), hacker news for music articles and songs. (via)

– Thanks to my friend Ted I discovered Help Scout. It has streamlined our Tattly and Teuxdeux customer support. A real pleasure to use.

– Crafts project for the weekend: Painted Egg Cartons.

– Quarterly is a subscription service to wonderful things. And I am one of their contributors.

Collaborative Consumption just launched their new site.

– My studiomate Sawyer is up for a .net Awards in the young designers category. He is one of the most talented young folks I’ve ever met. Let’s make sure he wins. Submit your vote.

– It’s been an exciting week. We released a brand neux TeuxDeux. If you like keeping lists, you should check out our simple to-do app.

– Don’t use Google Glasses too much. Else

Real actors read Yelp reviews.

– Christoph Niemann tells the story of his lovely app. My son is crazy about it. Get it here.

– The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Here.

– Cool: Vimeo now lets you add filters and music to your videos right on their site.

– My friends over at have a super crazy sale going on. 50% on everything. Use discount code: enjoy50.

– Amazon Launches ‘Send to Kindle’ Button For Web Developers & WordPress Blogs

– The fine folks at Happy Cog Austin are looking to hire an Interactive Designer.

Analog is Heavy is a collection of wallpapers for sale by Able Parris, available for just a $2 bill.

– Handy: MacSafe Adapter Keyring (via)

– Where to dispose of one time use and rechargeable batteries in the US.

Don’t overpay for shipping.

Will Ferrell talking to Jeff Garlin for 90 minutes. Wonderful. (via)

– Thanks to Frank Chimero for introducing me to the Pony Mixer.

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